Age 3-Adult, beginning through pre-professional levels.

Moves is excited to host our in resident dance program, Moves Dance Company. This company is exceptional for all students even if they differ in their focus. MDC has different levels of commitment ranging from Recreational to Competitive Levels. MDC also offers a variety of additional student performance opportunities including the Chicago Bulls Pregame show, Chicago Sky Pregame and Halftime show, Kane County Cougars games, Batavia’s Batfest & EggHop, St.Charles Scarecrow fest and many more! If you are interested in learning more email:

Yes, if you are interested in attending class at Moves please call us at 630-264-3600 to schedule your free trial class.

Class placement is determined by level of dancer. Each level has age recommendations.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the annual dance recital. It is highly recommended as a part of the students dance education experience but is not mandatory.

To set the proper movement and knowledge base Moves recommends that all young students begin in a combination class that includes ballet, tap, and tumbling. Each subject offered in the combination class provides students with important experience and information that they can continue to build on.

Ballet is the basis on which all dance styles build upon. Additionally, ballet class taken in conjunction with other forms of dance will assist student in accomplishing dance goals quicker. Ballet training is necessary to successfully accomplish more advanced level movement techniques including multiple turns, and jump sequences. Ballet has proven to enhance all athletic abilities.

Hip hop, tap, and tumbling are dance skills can still be learned and accomplished with no ballet training. As a child progress’s in dance they could develop an interest and find additional value in experimenting with Ballet class. Students are welcome to try a ballet class any time.

Securing proper class levels is an on-going process in each class throughout the year. Please feel free to speak with your child’s instructor for additional information.

Yes, Moves curricula is progressive and each year students will be moved into a more advanced category of training. From time to time and in the older age divisions, the class name may not change but the group of students in the class will be advancing within the category.

Students ages 3-6 should not feel a need to take multiple classes per week. After the age of 7 and depending on their love for the art form and their reason for taking class a student may decide to enroll in more classes. Dance is like any sport or art form; the more you train the better and faster you achieve. Students of all ages reap great rewards if only taking 1 class per week.

Please contact our office; we are here to assist you.

Often teacher’s schedules do not allow for a break between classes. You are very important to us so please leave a message for the teacher at the front desk.

Yes, please call the studio for more information 630-264-3600