Check for class schedule and calendar updates.


Tuition must be paid in full before the beginning of each term. Payments are due one week prior to the new session. If you are on the automatic billing system your credit card will be billed the week prior to a new term’s start date. Late tuition payments will be billed an additional $25.00.

Absences and Make-up Classes:

Please notify our office if you or your child will be absent from class (630-264-6300). We strongly recommend our students to make-up any missed lesson. You may make-up a missed class in any comparable class on our schedule within the same term the class was missed. See your instructor for their recommendation. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed lessons.

Shoes and Clothes:

Please label all dance shoes and dance clothes. This will make them easier to identify later.

Lost and Found:

If you lose something, check in the lost and found, keep valuables with you and place in designated areas of class rooms. Moves is not responsible for loss of personal items. At the end of each session, lost items will be donated to charity.

Emergency Weather Conditions:

Call the studio in the event of bad weather; the message will announce any necessary closings. We encourage and invite our students to make up cancelled dance classes in any comparable class on our schedule at either location. No refunds will be issued for missed classes for class cancellations due to hazardous weather. Need Help determining make-up class options? Please see your teacher or the Moves desk staff for suggestions. Any classes missed due to bad weather should be made up in the current term.

Parental Observation:

All doors entering into the dance studio class rooms are glass and you are welcome to view your child’s class from the lobby areas at any time.

New Student Class Placement Evaluation:

New students will be asked to take a free placement class so that we can insure they will be working at the skill level appropriate for their needs. Each student is evaluated and observed individually, and our staff will make a class recommendation. Recommendations are based on a combination of the student’s age and previous dance experience.


Tuition is non-refundable.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up:

Our policy states that all students should remain in the building until picked up by a parent. When dropping your child off for class, walk them to the door and watch for them to enter the building. Parents, there is a cul-de-sac at the end of the park driveway for an easy turn around.

Entering the Building:

(North Aurora Location) – The building entrance is on the south of the building facing the park. All students and studio patrons must enter and exit through these doors.

Double Parking:

in the dance studio parking lot is prohibited for safety concerns.

A Personal Note:

You and your child are very important to us. We are always willing to listen and talk. Anytime you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, please leave a message at the front desk and a teacher will contact you. This will make it possible for us to run on schedule and allow the teacher and parent to have a less rushed and more productive conversation.

If You Are Not Returning to Class:

Notification of termination should be made prior to the student’s last day of the current term and in writing.

In Order to Maintain Your Class Placement:

you must be current in all tuition payments. Payments are due one week prior to the new term.